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The UNIFORMS extensive product line-up is backed by unparalleled customer service.

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Business Uniforms: Our design staff, with over 40 years experience in product design and clothing production, will work closely with you: incorporating your requirements and needs with new and innovative designs and styles.

School uniforms are an integral part of our garment range. While we recognise the need to remain within the parameters of identity crests and logos, our designers constantly work with administrators to enhance the look and image of school uniforms: current and up-to-date styles for both female and male are frequently included without deterring from the overall image and standard the school wishes to project. After all, a school's students are its front line ambassadors

Safety Apparel

In addition to many safety-oriented products, we are currently featuring custom designed safety tools to enhance occupational safety, each identified with your company logo.

Antistatic Apparel: Outerwear garments include - woven or knitted in, anti-static properties.

FR Flame Resistant: Flame resistance for the life of the garments.

RFID Equipped Apparel: RFID is available in all garments on request.

Outerwear: We use the latest fabrics and technologies in our vast selection of comfortable, rugged outdoor apparel.

The original "Safe-T-Vest" a multi-purpose over garment designed to ensure high visibility and function while providing maximum comfort.

The original "Safe-T-Neck", comfortable ID support neck-tape with an exclusive, break-away design to ensure your employees safety is not compromised.

Specialty Advertising, Premium & Incentive Products

All of our products are chosen for their high quality, excellent value and ability to be customized to your specifications and needs. We carry everything from reliable brand names to collector's pieces, all within a wide range of budget parameters.


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