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MLD was established for the purpose of providing support to institutional, corporate and individual clients. The company has become a leader in Custom Uniforms and Safety Apparel; specializing in design, manufacturing and support-maintenance, it creates uniforms expressly made for discerning clients. Built on a foundation of the highest standards of excellence in both product and service, MLD boasts an extensive client base.

Full consideration is given to the standards and integrity of its clients when our team of designers create uniform styles specific to their needs. Furthermore, the company manufactures customized uniforms incorporating styles and construction from institutional, industrial and corporate spheres.

Unique safety apparel is an important part of the line-up of products as occupational safety is of the utmost concern to us. With this in mind, our research team is constantly sourcing innovative ideas to enhance an already unique line of uniforms. One such product is the woven or knitted Anti-Static fabric now used in specific outerwear creations. Anti-Static Mesh, another development for high visibility Safe-T-Vests, was created specifically by us and remains as a MLD's exclusive to our clients. FR Flame Resistance, for safety in the workplace is essential wherever there is combustible material; oil, gas, liquified natural gas and electricity are only some of the materials where FR protection is recommended. Several fabrics are frequently added to the line-up when it was determined these products would afford our client's garments a longer life span. Yet another featured exclusive and perhaps most exciting is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID chips can be incorporated into our garments to allow you, our clients, rapid, electronic inventory control and product identification.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, PPE for frontline workers and public protection is at the top of our safety list.


OUR PROMISEWe will provide you with whatever you are looking for - tailor-made products, uniforms or customized programs - to suit your individual, corporate and institutional needs, while remaining within your budget and time parameters at all times!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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