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While mainly conceptual in nature, the inspiration behind Marilyn Green's work originates, and is abstracted from, the many dimensions of life. She works mostly in watercolor on handmade paper, having evolved to this medium, but pursues various media including acrylic, collage, and mono printing.

As an abstract painter, watercolor, water and handmade paper are the perfect medium to express her passion for color in its purest form as well as luminosity. An intriguing element of nature is almost always explored and becomes a point of departure for her work.

The thick, flax-like quality of the paper utilized in the watercolors allows for the dynamic interplay between paint and paper and is crucial to the outcome of the work. Once the paint is applied to the wet, textured paper, the colors begin to take on a form of their own. She works directly on the paper without sketching and maintains control over the flow of water and pigment, relishing the darker edged watermarks that develop as textural counterpoints. It is the Zen of watercolor that enlightens and inspires her. 

Marilyn Green has been painting for many years and returned to University as a mature student having completed a BFA at Concordia University (1988). She has since participated in many group and solo exhibitions including Galerie Schorer, Montreal and John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal
1999, Oct.
Compact Art Galerie Alef, Montreal/Group Exhibit
1999, June
Seasons Galerie Schorer, Montreal/Solo Exhibit
1999, July
Dialogue John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto/Group Exhibit
1999, July
Women's Show Galerie Schorer, Montreal/Group Exhibit
1999, May
Dialogue Decarie Square, Montreal/Group Exhibit
1998, Oct.
Maison des Arts et de la Culture du Haut-Richelieu & Galerie Schorer, Quebec/Group Exhibit
1998, Oct.
Stand Tall Soyons Fiers Decarie Square, Montreal/ Group Exhibit
1998, July
Women's Show Galerie Schorer, Montreal/Group Exhibit
1997, July
Women's Show Galerie Schorer, Montreal/Group Exhibit
1997, Feb.
Women Commenting on Women in the Arts Art Depot, Montreal/Group Show
1994, May
Soiree Monmartre Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom, Montreal/Group Show
1993, 92, 91
Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal/ Student Exhibit
Concordia University, Montreal/Printmaking Student Exhibit
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