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NEGA-STAT® benefits include :

Specially developed for industrial and service applications.
Encapsulated conductive filament dissipates static through charge induction and air ionization.

Polyester + cotton + anti-static material

While other anti-static fabrics work by conducting electric charges along the surface, NEGA-STAT® fabrics work by inducing charges into the unique encapsulated conductive carbon core.

The static-dissipative NEGA-STAT® fibres are adjacent to standard non-conductive yarns. If the fabric is charged to a (+) polarity by rubbing something against it, the (+) charges on both the conductive fibres and the non-conductive fibres induce electrons into the conductive core. This behavior is called charge induction and creates two effects, which combine to give NEGA-STAT® fabrics their excellent static control performance.

Test results from Consoltex labs are available for viewing here:
Wraptor Fabric
Commander Fabric

More information on Nega-Stat® is available in the following 2 documents: Nega-stat® 1 Nega-stat® 2

NEGA-STAT® is a registered trademark of Barnet

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